Chauncey Elias Metcalf was born in Geneseo, Livingston County New York and son of Dr. Elias Peabody Metcalf and Maria (Miner) Metcalf.  Dr. Elias Peabody Metcalf served in the 58th Infantry, New York as a Surgeon prior to 1858.  His siblings included Francis Metcalf, Helen Maria Metcalf, Tracy Miner Metcalf, and Julia Frances Metcalf Phoenix.

Adjutant General: Served with the 136th New York Infantry.
Metcalf, Chauncey E.--Age, 21 years. Enrolled, August 11, 1862, at Geneseo, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. G. September 25, 1862; promoted sergeant major, July 1, 1863; mustered in as first lieutenant and adjutant, May 21, 1864; mustered out with regiment, June 13, 1865, near Washington, D.C.
Commissioned first lieutenant and adjutant, January 16, 1864, with rank from May 15, 1863, vice C.H. Young promoted.

After serving in the Civil War, he served as County Treasurer for Geneseo, Livingston, New York.  He died at the age of 29, and is buried at the Temple Hill Cemetery in Geneseo, Livingston County, New York.

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