Our Union Ancestors

Department Brothers and Auxiliary Sisters honor Union Veterans of the Civil War by learning about them through research, discovering the facts of their military service, and understanding the times in which they lived. The following is a partial list of our ancestral family. These men, listed alongside their units, were soldiers, sailors, or marines who served honorably in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Revenue Cutter Service of the United States of America between April 12, 1861, and April 9, 1865. If you find someone on the list who would qualify you for membership in one of our Camps or Auxiliaries, we have the documentation of his honorable service to the Union on file.

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Ancestor's Name and Service


Mortimer R. Flint


Augustus G. Callen


Thomas Yancy

Colorado Territory

Ebenezer Birdsill


Hugh Lamont


James Bliss
Co. B, 47th Infantry Regiment &
Co. I, 146th Infantry Regiment
William A. Brown

Timothy D. Carson
Co. F, 124th Infantry Regiment
Lafayette O. Clark
Cos. L & E, 2nd Cavalry Regiment
William H. Craig
Co. F, 64th Infantry Regiment (Yates' Sharpshooters)
Nathan Davis
Co. H, 14th Cavalry Regiment
Francis M. Dunham
Co. F, 129th Infantry Regiment
Angelo V. Fawcett
Co. E, 7th Infantry Regiment
Richard R. Fouke
Co. K, 69th Infantry Regiment &
Cos. E & I, 14th Cavalry Regiment
Charles Gassman
Co. A, 92nd Infantry Regiment
Hiram H. Hamilton
Co. K, 96th Infantry Regiment
William B. Hoar
Co. F, 103rd Infantry Regiment
Edward E. Howe
Co. H, 42nd Infantry Regiment
Peter Lager
Co. D, 81st Infantry Regiment
Wiley C. Langford
Co. L, 2nd Cavalry Regiment &
Co. K & F&S, 151st Infantry Regiment
Godfrey Lasalle
Co. B, 9th Cavalry Regiment
Andrew W. Lascelle
Cos. A & E, 15th Infantry Regiment &
Co. E, 14th & 15th Veteran Infantry Battalion
Williard S. Latham
Co. A, 8th Infantry Regiment (3 months)
Edward D. Luxton
F&S, 134th Infantry Regiment (100 days)
Erastus Niles
Co. C, 116th Infantry Regiment
George W. Roberts
Co. E,  12th Cavalry Regiment
James R. Scott
Co. A, 71st Infantry Regiment,
Co. B, 98th Infantry Regiment &
Co. B, 61st Infantry Regiment
Harvey H. Shelton
Co. C, 136th Infantry Regiment &
Co. B, 6th Cavalry Regiment
Joseph Stockton
Co. F, 105th Infantry Regiment

James A. Williams
Co. I, 94th Infantry Regiment
John H. Wurdeman
Co. D, 39th Infantry Regiment


Nathan Davis

Co. K, 118th Infantry Regiment
Elijah C. Kent

James C. Latham
Co. C, 48th Infantry Regiment
David Lybrook
Co. G, 89th Infantry Regiment
James Maddock
Co. H, 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment
Jacob Miller
Co. K, 75th Infantry Regiment
Isaac Myers
Co. D, 100th Infantry Regiment
Samuel Overturf
Co. B, 68th Infantry Regiment
Theodore A. Penland
Co. A, 152nd Infantry Regiment
Thomas Salisbury
Cos. F & B, 10th Infantry Regiment (3 months) &
Co. I, 40th Infantry Regiment
Dale O. Stewart
Wilder (26th) Battery Light Artillery




Francis M. Ambrose

John R. Burton
Co. K, 30th Infantry Regiment


Granville B. Bean

Co. D, 8th Infantry Regiment
George W. Boyington

Melville C. Marshall
Cos. A & K, 7th Infantry Regiment
Joel S. Stevens
Co. H, 16th Infantry Regiment






Co. F, 2nd Cavalry Regiment (Merrill's Horse)
Jacob Cheele
Co. C, 39th Infantry Regiment
Mortimer R. Flint
Co. D, 9th Cavalry Regiment &
Co. D, 10th Cavalry Regiment
Nathaniel B. Flint
Co. B, Engineer Regiment of the West &
Cos. K & A, 1st Engineers Regiment
Thomas A. Hash
Co. E, 8th State Militia Cavalry Regiment &
Co. G, 13th Cavalry Regiment
Riley Mason
Co. A, Stewart's Cavalry Battalion
Philip A. Parker
Co. F, 8th State Militia Cavalry Regiment

Nebraska Territory

David Ransier

New Hampshire

Charles H. Clay

Co. C, 13th Infantry Regiment
Stephen Hadley

Co. E, 3rd Infantry Regiment
Azroe A. Harriman

New Jersey

George W. Demarest

Frank H. O'Neal
Co. F, 15th Infantry Regiment
Andrew J. Thompson
Co. F, 30th Infantry Regiment &
Co. F & F&S, 35th Infantry Regiment

New York



Peter Binkley

Samuel B. Carman
Co. I, 2nd Cavalry Regiment
Thomas A. Conaway
Co. B, 148th Infantry Regiment
Wilson Cramer
Co. B, 133rd Infantry Regiment &
Co. G, 206th Infantry Regiment
Michael Criswell
Co. D, 17th Cavalry Regiment
Mitchell F. Davrainville
Co. H, 102nd Infantry Regiment
James Duncan
Co. H, 47th Infantry Regiment
John Fellowbaum
Co. H, 168th Infantry Regiment &
Co. E, 206th Infantry Regiment
August Funk
Co. K, 74th Infantry Regiment
Joseph Garvin
Co. G, 5th Cavalry Regiment
John E. Kane, Jr.

Co. I, F&S, Cos. C & H, 8th Cavalry Regiment (89th Volunteers)
Philip Manning
Co. F, 2nd Heavy Artillery Regiment
Hiram W. Rhoads
Co. H, 167th Infantry Regiment
Jacob G. Shirk
Co. F, 207th Infantry Regiment
Thomas Steel
Co. G, 72nd Infantry Regiment
George K. Williamson
Co. B, 197th Infantry Regiment

Rhode Island

George A. Thomas


James Edwards

Stephen S. Farmer
Co. D, 5th Infantry Regiment
Felix A. Reeve
F&S, 8th Infantry Regiment
Stephen P. Tipton
Co. E, 1st Independent Vidette Cavalry Regiment

United States Army

Samuel Boardman

United States Colored Troops

United States Navy

Oliver P. Hamer

Charles F. Owen
USS Fairplay,
USS Clara Dolsen &
USS Michigan
Albion Sanborn
USS Cherokee

United States Volunteers

James Bliss
Co. G, 1st Infantry Regiment, Mississippi Marine Brigade
Edgar D. Kain

Signal Corps
Joseph A. J. Lightburn
2nd Division, XV Corps, Army of the Tennessee
Thomas J. Thorp
Co. C, 5th Veteran Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Veteran Reserve Corps

Samuel B. Carman

Edward S. McKinzie
Co. K, 10th Regiment
James D. McLachlen
Co. 12, 2nd Battalion
Max Miller
Co. 120, 2nd Battalion
John Mullarney

Co. A, 10th Regiment
Thomas Steel
Co. 57, 2nd Battalion

West Virginia

Alfred A. Corrello

Joseph A. J. Lightburn
F&S, 4th Infantry Regiment
James Robinett
Co. G, 1st Infantry Regiment &
Co. D, 2nd Veteran Infantry Regiment


William G. Austin

Ezra Bolion

Cos. C & H, 3rd Cavalry Regiment
Henry H. Hull
Co. I, 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment
James C. Jones
Co. G, 47th Infantry Regiment
William C. Kroll
Cos. I & E, 3rd Cavalry Regiment
Edward D. Luxton
Co. B, 1st Infantry Regiment &
Co. I & F&S, 2nd Cavalry Regiment
Armstrong C. Menor
Co. G, 13th Infantry Regiment
Hollon Richardson
Co. A & F&S, 7th Infantry Regiment
Charles Williams
Co. K, 46th Infantry Regiment
Christopher Wilson
Co. L, 1st Cavalry Regiment
David H. Wood
Co. A, 13th Infantry Regiment

Note on abbreviations: "Bty." is short for "Battery".  "Co." is short for "Company".  "F&S" is short for "Field and Staff".