Alfred Sully Post No. 3 was based in Dayton, Columbia County, Washington.  The map at the bottom of the page shows the exact location.

Alfred Sully was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 22, 1820.  Sully, like his father, was an accomplished watercolor and oil painter.  In 1841 he graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.  During and after the Civil War, Sully served in the Plains States and was widely regarded as a successful “Indian fighter”.  From 1849 to 1853, he was chief quartermaster of the U.S. troops at Monterey, California, after California came under American jurisdiction.

First stationed at the Washington, D.C. defenses at the beginning of the Civil War (June 1861) as a captain, Sully led a company of soldiers to St. Joseph, Missouri, to quell a secessionist uprising. Sully was later transferred west to aid in the aftermath of the Dakota War, and was commissioned colonel of the 1st Minnesota Infantry on March 4, 1862.  He served in that rank until promoted to brigadier general on September 26, 1862.  He directed brigades at the Battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville.  Shortly after the Battle of Chancellorsville, Sully was assigned to the command of the District of Dakota, where he executed a number of successful forays against hostile Sioux in Minnesota and Dakota Territory.  Toward the end of the Civil War, he was brevetted to major general of volunteers and brigadier general, U.S. Army.

After the war, Sully reverted to his regular rank of major of infantry, but was soon advanced to lieutenant colonel.  In1869, he was appointed Superintendent of Indian Affairs for Montana Territory, and promoted to colonel of the 21st U.S. Infantry in December 1873.  During the last years of his life, Sully was in command of Fort Vancouver in Washington Territory.  While stationed there, he suffered an aortic hemorrhage and died on April 27, 1879.  Brigadier General Sully is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Post was mustered in on 27 January 1881 with twelve charter members; it surrendered its first charter after about five months; it was reorganized 15 November 1882 with twenty-five charter members.  This Post was associated with Alfred Sully Corps No. 7, Woman's Relief Corps (WRC) which was installed on 7 June 1886.

To learn more about the Post Commanders and Officers during more of the Post's history, see our Post leadership detail page here


Willis G. AddingtonCo. E15th Iowa InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
James A. AndersonCo. A20th Iowa Infantry 
John N. ArnoldCo. L16th Kansas CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1888
John Q. AshfordCo. H120th New York InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
John H. AtwoodCo. K7th Iowa Infantry 
Zenon M. BartholomewCo. H29th Iowa InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
George J. BeairdCo. E42nd Missouri Infantry 
Archibald BishopCo. G32nd Iowa Infantry &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. G8th Iowa Infantry 
Harvey A. BishopCo. I3rd Iowa Infantry, 

Co. G32nd Iowa Infantry & 

Co. G8th Iowa Infantry 
William C. BishopCo. G32nd Iowa InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1891
George BlackmerCo. K44th New York Infantry 
Chauncey BraceCos. D, H & A57th Pennsylvania Infantry 
William O. BrooksCo. A3rd Iowa Cavalry 
Post Commander - 1889
Mortimer R. BrownCo. K36th Wisconsin Infantry 
Andrew J. BullenCo. B14th Missouri State Militia Cavalry &SUVCW Burial Record

Cos. K & I4th Missouri State Militia Cavalry 
Elhanan W. BurksCo. A3rd Iowa CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
George M. BurnsCo. K134th Pennsylvania Infantry 
 John T. BurnsCo. I6th Indiana Infantry (3 months) &SUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1885 & 1908Co. I & F&S8th Indiana Cavalry 
Edgar F. ButtolphCo. H31st Iowa InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
William R. CahillCo. H10th Wisconsin Infantry 
Daniel CalkinsCo. C16th Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Daniel CauderCo. K151st Illinois Infantry (1 year) 
Joseph O. DavisCos. D & I3rd Wisconsin Cavalry 
Andrew DexterCos. C & A83rd Pennsylvania Infantry &SUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1890Co. F14th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps 
Robert DonleyCo. F76th Ohio Infantry 
James DouglassCo. F2nd Colorado Territory Infantry & 

Co. D2nd Colorado Territory Cavalry 
Jacob DumondCo. I54th Ohio InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Thaddeus H. DupuyCo. B1st Oregon InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Franklin G. FraryCo. E102nd Ohio InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Levi FryCo. I4th Iowa Infantry 
Thomas H. GabhartCo. A9th Kansas Cavalry & 

Co. E4th U.S. Veteran Volunteer Infantry 
Joseph M. GaleCo. E1st Oregon InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Christopher C. GarrettCo. G1st Oregon Cavalry 
George D. GibsonCo. B1st Oregon CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
Jonas GilbertCo. F8th Illinois CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
Livy H. GormleyCo. C12th Kansas Infantry 
William GosneyCo. H86th Illinois InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
James H. GoughCo. B54th Indiana Infantry 
Post Commander - 1887 & 1909  
Henry GoyerCo. K46th New York InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Solomon GregoryCo. K41st Illinois Infantry & 

Co. I53rd Illinois Infantry 
Dennis C. GuernseyCo. E22nd Wisconson Infantry & 
Post Commander - 1881unassigned3rd Wisconsin Infantry 
Samuel T. HananCo. H16th Kansas CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
Daniel H. HardinCos. H & D24th Indiana Infantry 
Post Commander - 1886, 1901 & 10  
Homer HaydenCos. B, K & A31st Massachusetts Infantry 
Post Commander - 1893
Richard HillCo. K6th Kansas State Militia Infantry 
Samuel P. HoggattCo. L11th Illinois Cavalry 
John W. HolmanCo. H77th Illinois InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1884
Henry HunterCo. D53rd Wisconsin Infantry & 

Co. I51st Wisconsin Infantry 
James S. JohnsonCo. K29th Iowa Infantry 
Daniel B. KimballCo. D2nd Indiana Cavalry & 

Co. I8th U.S. Veteran Volunteer Infantry 
Conrad KnoblochCo. B8th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry (37th Volunteers) 
Post Commander - 1897
Wiley KnowlesCo. A58th Indiana Infantry 
John KnoxCo. I4th Illinois Cavalry & 

Co. I31st Illinois Infantry 
Aaron KribsCo. I58th Illinois Infantry, 
Post Commander - 1892Co. B69th Illinois Infantry & 

Elgin Bty. (5th Independent), Illinois Light Artillery 
Dennis La GraveCo. A92nd New York Infantry & 

Co. F193rd New York Infantry 
Richard G. LargeCo. A10th Illinois Cavalry 
Peter LemleyCo. K42nd Illinois Infantry 
Jesse F. LogsdonCo. A1st Oregon InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
James H. LongCo. B28th Illinois InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
William H. LongCo. E28th Illinois Infantry 
William R. MarquisCo. C1st Oregon CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
John F. MartinCo. H73rd Ohio Infantry & 

F&S140th Ohio Infantry (National Guard) 
James McClearyCo. H13th Pennsylvania Infantry (3 months) &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. H78th Pennsylvania Infantry 
Benjamin A. McDonaldCo. F1st Oregon InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Louden McGeeCo. G2nd Iowa InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Sebastian MillerCo. I50th Illinois InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Leland E. MoeCo. C197th Ohio InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Omer MorehouseCo. B101st Pennsylvania Infantry 
Garrett Michael Murther
U.S. Marine CorpsSUVCW Burial Record

USS Sabine, 

USS New Berne & 

USS Hartford 
Charles A. PalmerCo. I30th Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Henry C. ParkerCo. C51st Illinois InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
William H. PerkinsCo. A10th Indiana Infantry 
Seneca PhillisCo. K11th Indiana InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Augustus T. PintlerCo. I4th Minnesota Infantry & 

Co. D49th U.S. Colored Infantry 
Jacob RainwaterCo. A51st Enrolled Missouri Militia 
Morris T. ReevesCo. B26th Indiana Infantry 
George ReynoldsCo. M1st Iowa Cavalry 
Henry RiesCo. F9th Michigan InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1914 & 15  
James RoyseCo. M7th Missouri Cavalry &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. I1st Missouri Cavalry 
John W. SayresCo. A34th Illinois Infantry 
James M. SearlCo. F35th Illinois Infantry 
James SkeesCo. B7th Illinois Infantry (3 months) & 

Co. B7th Illinois Infantry 
Zachary T. StahlCo. I15th Iowa Infantry 
Jonathan H. StineCo. K29th Iowa Infantry 
Robert F. SturdevantCo. I14th Wisconsin Infantry 
Sidney I. ThompsonCo. A & F&S3rd Wisconsin Infantry 
Post Commander - 1898
John P. ToddCos. M & F1st Arkansas Cavalry 
David TurnicliffCo. H73rd Illinois Infantry 
Marshall B. TweedyCos. H & I24th Missouri Infantry, 

Co. G5th Missouri State Militia Cavalry (2nd Organization) & 

Co. I13th Missouri Cavalry 
Luther M. VanniceCo. C30th Iowa Infantry 
Levi W. WatrousCo. F9th Iowa Infantry 
Reuben T. WatrousCo. G38th Iowa Infantry & 

Co. G34th Iowa Infantry 
Arthur F. WebsterCos. A & D124th Ohio InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Lewis J. WhitcombF&S13th Michigan InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
George WickCo. H29th Iowa InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1916, 18-19, 21-24, 26 & 27  
Hugh H. WilkinsonCo. B122nd Illinois Infantry 
Henry H. WolfeCo. B40th Illinois Infantry 
Post Commander - 1883
George A. WoodBty. B1st Michigan Light ArtillerySUVCW Burial Record
William S. WootenCo. C15th Missouri CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
John C. WrightCo. L2nd Minnesota CavalrySUVCW Burial Record

Abbreviations used above: "Bty." is short for "Battery".  "Co." is short for "Company".  "F&S" is short for "Field and Staff".

Note: This is not a complete cumulative roster of the Comrades (members) of this Post.  As additional Comrades are identified, they will be added.

If you find someone on this list who would qualify you for membership in one of our Camps or Auxiliaries, we have the documentation of his honorable service to the Union on file.

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