Mustering of Troop G, 2nd Cavalry, Fort Walla Walla, 1886

E. M. Baker Post No. 33 was based at Fort Walla Walla, Walla Walla County, WA.  The map at the bottom of the page shows the exact location.

Eugene Mortimer Baker, the namesake of the E. M. Baker Post No. 33 of Fort Walla Walla, was born in Fort Ann, Washington County, New York on July 7, 1837.  In 1859 he graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, ranked 12th in his class of 21 cadets.  He was brevetted Second Lieutenant of the 2nd Dragoons in July 1859.  From 1860 to 1861 he served at the Cavalry School for Practice in Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  Baker was promoted to First Lieutenant of the 1st Dragoons on May 7, 1861.  In November of 1861 he was assigned frontier duty with the 1st Dragoons at Fort Churchill, Nevada Territory (near present day Silver Springs, Lyon County, Nevada).

In January of 1862 Baker was promoted to Captain.  During the Civil War he served with the 1st Cavalry in defense of Washington, D.C. from January to March 1862.  He was engaged in the Siege of Yorktown and Battle of Williamsburg during the spring of 1862.  He was brevetted to major on May 4, 1862 for gallant and meritorious service at the Battle of Williamsburg.  Baker was involved in a number of other engagements throughout the war, including the Battles of Antietam and Winchester.  He was brevetted lieutenant colonel on September 19, 1864, for gallant and meritorious service at the Battle of Winchester, Virginia.  Baker served as Acting Assistant Adjutant-General of Cavalry Corps in operations in Virginia, from March to May of 1865, and at New Orleans, Louisiana from June to November 1865.

After the war Baker spent a significant amount of time engaged in frontier duty.  From 1866 through 1869 he served at Fort Dalles and at Camp Watson in Oregon.  In December of 1868 Baker was brevetted to colonel for zeal and energy while in command of troops operating against hostile Indians in 1866, 1867, and 1868.  In April 1869 he was promoted to major of the 2nd U.S. Cavalry.  Baker was hand-picked by General Phil Sheridan, late in 1869, to head a military strike force against hostile Indians in northern Montana Territory.  For reasons that remain unclear, he attacked a Piegan Indian village near the Marias River, killing most of its 200 inhabitants.  The Marias Massacre, as the attack became known, remains controversial.  Through the 1870’s, Baker continued his frontier duties serving at multiple military outposts throughout Wyoming and Montana.  Baker died December 19, 1884 while serving at Fort Walla Walla in Washington Territory.  Major Baker is buried in the Fort Walla Walla Post Cemetery.

E. M. Baker Post No. 33 of Fort Walla Walla was mustered in during April 1887.  The charter was surrendered 1 January 1892 with 16 members on the roll.


James W. BaileyCo. A42nd Missouri Infantry 
Philip BarnettCo. D1st Nevada Cavalry 
Hugo BerthCo. D176th New York Infantry 
George W. BowersCo. H9th Pennsylvania Cavalry (92nd Volunteers) 
Enoch BoyleCo. G1st Oregon Cavalry 
Claus BrummerCo. B174th New York Infantry & 

Co. B162nd New York Infantry 
Charles BushnerCo. K11th Missouri Infantry 
James A. ChamberlainCo. D33rd Illinois InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
William R. ChattinCo. A6th Iowa InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Richard CrumCos. F & C2nd New York Veteran Cavalry 
William H. EmbreeCo. I46th Iowa Infantry (100 days) 
Post Commander - 1891
George J. EssigCo. C46th New York InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Fletcher R. FieldsCo. A5th Kansas Cavalry 
George FisherBty. E3rd U.S. Artillery 
John R. FrattCo. K5th New Jersey Infantry 
Christopher C. GarrettCo. G1st Oregon Cavalry 
Post Commander - 1890
Alvin S. GearCo. D144th Ohio Infantry (National Guard) & 

Co. K183rd Ohio Imfantry 
Charles G. HafnerCo. D14th Wisconsin Infantry 
Alexander HuntingtonCos. C & E18th U.S. Infantry 
John W. JonesCo. F1st Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry (30th Volunteers), 

 U.S. Navy & 

USS Judge Torrence, 

USS Carondelet & 

USS Clara Dolsen 

Co. F40th Missouri Infantry 
Charles LemunionCo. I6th Michigan Heavy Artillery 
Francis LorenzCos. F & L2nd U.S. Dragoons 
John C. Malbon
1st Independent Wisconsin Light Artillery 
William J. Mulligan
U.S. Navy 

USS North Carolina 
Alfred NoackCo. G4th Minnesota Infantry 
Ambrose OldakersCo. G44th Missouri InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
William PeasnerCo. A & F&S1st U.S. Dragoons 
Patrick PlunketCo. D38th Iowa Infantry & 

Co. H34th Iowa Infantry 
William H. ReynoldsBty. M1st U.S. Artillery 
Mark B. RueCo. B2nd New Jersey Infantry 
John W. ScalfCo. M7th Missouri Cavalry 
Harrison O. Simonds
Cook's Company, Massachusetts Light Artillery &SUVCW Burial Record

5th Independent Massachusetts Light Artillery 
Arthur J. Smith (alias John Smith)Co. G20th Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1887, 88 & 89  
George W. SweeneyCo. B2nd District of Columbia Infantry 
Alonzo ToffelmireCo. I30th Wisconsin Infantry 
Sewall TruaxCo. D & F&S1st Oregon CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
Thomas WallaceCo. H9th New York Infantry 
James Ward
U.S. Navy 

USS Queen & 

USS Fort Morgan 
John R. WoodworthCo. D7th Minnesota InfantrySUVCW Burial Record

Post Commanders

1887Arthur J. Smith (alias John Smith)
1888Arthur J. Smith (alias John Smith)
1889Arthur J. Smith (alias John Smith)
1890Christopher C. Garrett
1891William H. Embree

1888 Post Officers

CommanderArthur J. Smith (alias John Smith)
Senior Vice CommanderJohn W. Jones
Junior Vice CommanderJohn C. Malbon
AdjutantFrancis Lorenz
QuartermasterJames Ward
Officer of the DayWilliam Peasner
Officer of the GuardAlexander Huntington
SurgeonJames A. Chamberlain
ChaplainAmbrose Oldakers
Sergeant MajorClaus Brummer

1890 Post Officers

CommanderChristopher C. Garrett
AdjutantArthur J. Smith (alias John Smith)

1891 Post Officers

CommanderWilliam H. Embree
Senior Vice CommanderJohn R. Woodworth
Junior Vice CommanderCharles Lemunion
AdjutantAlvin S. Gear
QuartermasterChristopher C. Garrett
Officer of the DayWilliam Peasner
Officer of the GuardJohn W. Scalf
SurgeonAmbrose Oldakers
ChaplainEnoch Boyle
Sergeant MajorWilliam R. Chattin
Quartermaster SergeantArthur J. Smith (alias John Smith)

Abbreviations used above: "Bty." is short for "Battery".  "Co." is short for "Company".  "F&S" is short for "Field and Staff". 

Note: This is not a complete cumulative roster of the Comrades (members) of this Post.  As additional Comrades are identified, they will be added.

If you find someone on this list who would qualify you for membership in one of our Camps or Auxiliaries, we have the documentation of his honorable service to the Union on file.

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