Gen. J.L. Reno

Gen. J. L. Reno Post No. 47 was based in Spokane, WA.  The map at the bottom of the page shows the exact location.

Jesse Lee Reno was born June 20, 1823 in Wheeling, Ohio County, Virginia (now West Virginia).  About 1832, his family moved to Venango County, Pennsylvania.  Reno attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York and graduated in 1846, 8th in a class of 59 cadets.  He served in the Mexican War and was brevetted First Lieutenant and Captain for distinguishing himself with gallant and meritorious conduct at Cerro Gordo and Chapultepec.

On November 1, 1853 he wed Mary Cross at St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C.  The couple had five children.  Prior to the Civil War, Reno served in a variety of duties including teaching mathematics at West Point, conducting government topographical surveys, and successive commands of the Mount Vernon, Alabama and Leavenworth, Kansas arsenals.

On November 12, 1861 Reno was commissioned brigadier general and commanded a brigade under Major General Ambrose Burnside in the expedition through North Carolina during the winter of 1861-1862.  In April 1862 he directed a division in the newly established Department of North Carolina.  Reno was appointed major general on August 20, to rank from July 18, 1862.  Reno’s corps saw action at the battle of Second Bull Run and at Chantilly.  Reno was known as a “soldier’s soldier” and often fought alongside his men without a sword or any sign of his rank.  On September 14, 1862 Reno was killed in action while leading his men at the Battle of South Mountain in Maryland.

After his death, Major General Jesse Lee Reno’s body was initially placed in a vault at Trinity Church in Boston, Massachusetts.  On April 8, 1867 his remains were relocated to Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown in Washington, D.C.

The Post was mustered in during the second half of 1888.  This Post was associated with Reno Corps No. 14, Woman's Relief Corps (WRC).


Halvor AndersonCo. D10th Minnesota Infantry
Levi AndersonCo. G12th Missouri Cavalry
Charles H. ArnoldCo. E14th Maine Infantry
George AveryCo. M4th Massachusetts Cavalry
Post Commander - 1926, 27 & 28
Alexander M. BairdCo. E5th Connecticut Infantry
Chester R. BardwellCo. C6th Minnesota Infantry
Charles E. Bartholomew
Co. E1st Connecticut Cavalry
Charles D. BibbinsCo. E1st Michigan Sharpshooters
William M. BolesCo. E3rd Arkansas Cavalry
Almeron ChapmanCo. D1st Pennsylvania Cavalry (15th Reserves),

Sanno's Independent Pennsylvania Cavalry (100 days) &

Co. K9th Pennsylvania Cavalry (92nd Volunteers)
Daniel ClarkCo. E22nd Wisconsin Infantry &

unassigned3rd Wisconsin Infantry
George CoeCo. K63rd Ohio Infantry
Garrett F. CowanCo. G12th Wisconsin Infantry
Thomas CusackCos. E & B1st Oregon Cavalry
William H. H. DunkleCo. K10th Iowa Infantry
Josiah A. ElliottCo. I42nd Wisconsin Infantry
Martin V. ElliottCo. D26th Iowa Infantry &

Co. G22nd Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps
Durgin EvansCo. H1st New Hampshire Heavy Artillery
Jonas H. EvansCo. H103rd Illinois Infantry
James FaughtCo. G91st Ohio Infantry
John A. FauldsCo. C30th Wisconsin Infantry
John W. Feighan
Co. K83rd Indiana Infantry
Samuel A. Frear (alias James Ferry)Co. E193rd New York Infantry
Benjamin R. FreemanCo. C & F&S8th Indiana Cavalry
Post Commander - 1898 & 1900
Department Commander - 1900-01
Orange S. FrizzellCo. G48th Wisconsin Infantry
William H. GrayCo. A92nd New York Infantry
Jacob F. HahnCo. K8th Iowa Cavalry
William H. Hannen
Co. D44th Indiana Infantry
John A. HarrisCo. F1st Minnesota Cavalry (Mounted Rangers) &
Post Commander - 1903Co. D2nd Minnesota Cavalry
George W. Harty (alias George W. Hartley)Co. H3rd Missouri State Militia Cavalry (2nd Organization) &

Co. D49th Missouri Infantry
Jacob W. HarwoodCo. H30th Michigan Infantry
Phillip HattenburgCos. G & C25th Massachusetts Infantry
George H. HeberlingCo, M11th Kansas Cavalry
Post Commander - 1902
William H. HickoxCo. I23rd Illinois Infantry &

Bty A1st Michigan Light Artillery
Josephus HobbsCo. D1st Missouri State Militia Cavalry
Edwin B. Hopkinson
20th Maine Infantry (service not confirmed)
Post Commander - 1916
Edward W. S. HoustonCo, M11th Kansas Cavalry
William H. HowardCo. E71st Illinois Infantry,
Post Commander - 1923Co. C137th Illinois Infantry (100 days) &

Co. D7th Illinois Cavalry
Alexander HukillCo. K147th Indiana Infantry
Charles IsbellCo. K52nd Illinois Infantry
Oscar F. JanesCo. D107th New York Infantry
Post Commander - 1922, 24 & 25
William P. LeeCos. I & B99th Illinois Infantry
James LeviCo. G134th Indiana Infantry (100 days) &

Co. B147th Indiana Infantry
Evan W. LloydCo. D179th Ohio Infantry
John T. LloydCo. D1st Indiana Heavy Artillery
William LovettCo. E16th Wisconsin Infantry
Martin MadderCo. F5th Ohio Infantry (3 months),

Co. F5th Ohio Infantry &

Co. 882nd Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps
Benjamin F. MartzCo. D36th Iowa Infantry &

Co. E57th U.S. Colored Infantry
Abram McCuneCo. E5th Kansas Cavalry
Samuel W. Merritt
Co. G5th New York Heavy Artillery
Levi R. Miller
U.S. Navy
Post Commander - 1915
USS Grampus,

USS Great Western,

USS Neosho &

USS Volunteer
Jno. MooreCo. D11th Missouri Cavalry (service not confirmed)
Elias Morrison
Co. H8th Wisconsin Infantry
Post Commander - 1895

James C. MorrisonCos. C & G1st Colorado Territory Cavalry
Michael NyeCo. A74th Indiana Infantry &

Co. D22nd Indiana Infantry
Wilson A. OldsCo. H100th Ohio Infantry &

Co. 832nd Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps
Mount PeasleyCo. E30th Iowa Infantry
William E. PiperCo. H2nd Minnesota Infantry
William PriceCo. I101st Ohio Infantry
Charles ReeveCo. B21st Iowa Infantry
Charles W. RichardsCo. D24th New York Infantry &

Co. I24th New York Cavalry
Thomas RyanCo. E21st Missouri Infantry
Philo B. SageCo. H20th Wisconsin Infantry
Charles W. SchellengerCo. K91st Ohio Infantry
G. W. Seavers
(service not confirmed)
John W. ShubertCo. E44th Missouri Infantry
John H. Smith
1st Independent Wisconsin Light Artillery
William H. SmithCos. K & A41st Illinois Infantry &

Co. K53rd Illinois Infantry
William F. Steele
Co. E55th Pennsylvania Militia,

Co. G193rd Pennsylvania Infantry (100 days) &

Jones’ Independent Co.
97th Pennsylvania Infantry
Simeon U. StockmanCo. G8th Massachusetts Militia Infantry (100 days)
Cyrus StonerCo. B4th Iowa Cavalry
George N. StormsCo. D124th New York Infantry &

Co. H93rd New York Infantry
Daniel TracyCo. I27th Iowa Infantry
Henry TrumleyCo. E22nd Michigan Infantry &

Co. E29th Michigan Infantry
John T. TurnerCos. A & F93rd New York Infantry
John E. ValentineCo. K30th Indiana Infantry
Elisha VoseCo. D1st Maine Cavalry &

Co. E20th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps
Joseph S. WaltersCo. F103rd Illinois Infantry
Isaac WelchCo. H30th Michigan Infantry
John WelschCos. D & B43rd Illinois Infantry
Thomas WheelerCo. C107th Pennsylvania Infantry
Winfield S. WhitneyCo. EHatch's Independent Minnesota Cavalry
John WilkerCo. F5th Iowa Cavalry
Robert B. WilliamsCo. E111th Pennsylvania Infantry
Joseph M. WolbertCo. D52nd Wisconsin Infantry

Abbreviations used above: "Bty." is short for "Battery".  "Co." is short for "Company".  "F&S" is short for "Field and Staff". 

Note: This is not a complete cumulative roster of the Comrades (members) of this Post.  As additional Comrades are identified, they will be added.

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