Luther C. Ladd Post No. 17 was based in Puyallup, Washington.  The map at the bottom of the page shows the exact location.

Its namesake is Pvt. Luther C. Ladd (1843-1861), Co. D, 6th Massachusetts Infantry, killed in action during an attack by a mob at Baltimore, Maryland on 19 April 1861.

The post was organized and mustered on 4 August 1884 with 17 charter members.

From The Puyallup Commerce, 4 June 1887:

Luther C. Ladd Post No. 17, G.A.R, was organized and mustered August 4th, 1884, with 17 charter members. A. S. Farquharson was chosen post commander.

The post was named in honor of a private soldier of the 6th Massachusetts volunteer infantry, by the name of Luther C. Ladd. The 6th Massachusetts while on its way to Washington was attacked in the streets of Baltimore, Maryland, on April 19th, 1861, by a mob, killing three and wounding fifteen of the 6th Massachusetts, the above named hero spurting forth the first blood of the nation. His remains were taken to Lowell, Massachusetts, and interred with military honors on Monday, May 6th, 1861.

The present officers of the post are J. M. McClintock, Post Commander; A. S. Farquharson, Senior Vice Commander; H. Daggett, Junior Vice Commander; C. C. Field, Adjutant; Robert Simpson, Quartermaster.

Charter Members 

John BeverlyCo. K & F&S34th New York InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Hiram DaggettCo. A64th Illinois Infantry (Yates' Sharpshooters)SUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1888  
Alexander S. FarquharsonCo. A43rd Massachusetts Infantry (Militia) &SUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1884Signal Corps, U.S. Volunteers 
Charles C. FieldCo. E138th Illinois Infantry (100 days) 
Post Commander - 1894  
Peter HardefeldtCo. C15th New York Heavy ArtillerySUVCW Burial Record
William HarrisCo. C9th Illinois CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1885  
Edward NolanCo. K36th Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Franklin SlytheCo. K6th Kentucky Infantry 
John T. TwamleyCo. INew York Infantry (service not confirmed) 


Henry N. AkinCo. G2nd Minnesota Cavalry 
Ezra J. AlgerCos. G & B1st Tennessee InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Simon AndersonCo. A8th Missouri Cavalry 
Samuel L. AppleCo. F89th Ohio Infantry &SUVCW Burial Record

155th Co.2nd Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps 
Hiram L. BakerBty. L2nd Illinois Light Artillery 
Stephen F. BakerCo. F13th New York Heavy Artillery &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. K6th New York Heavy Artillery 
Jacob BardonnarCo. E126th Illinois InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Alvin Barnard2nd Bty.1st Maine Light Artillery 
Albert H. Barry
1st Independent Wisconsin Light Artillery 
George W. BeachCo. E8th Iowa CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
Peter BellesCo. C214th Pennsylvania Infantry 
George W. BoyceCo. E11th Pennsylvania Cavalry (108th Volunteers)SUVCW Burial Record
Samuel H. CapleCo. B5th Iowa Infantry &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. I5th Iowa Cavalry 
Ichabod ChaseCo. D1st Michigan CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
Achilles Clarke
7th Independent Wisconsin Light Artillery 
Post Commander - 1891  
James H. CoffmanCo. I27th Iowa InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1890, 97 & 1902  
Department Commander - 1921-22  
James H. ColbyCo. I32nd Maine Infantry &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. I31st Maine Infantry 
William H. CornellCo. K68th Indiana InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Richard E. CraneCo. C191st Ohio Infantry 
Joseph F. Crockettunassigned30th Maine Infantry 
Post Commander - 1926  
George N. CrodleCo. H4th Pennsylvania Cavalry (64th Volunteers)SUVCW Burial Record
Chase CumminsCo. B7th Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Edward T. CurtissCos. G & B29th Ohio Infantry &SUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1892160th Co.2nd Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps 
Walter P. DavisCo. I5th Illinois CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1904  
Samuel DonleyCo. K11th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry (40th Volunteers)SUVCW Burial Record
Orson A. DrakeCo. B10th New York Cavalry &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. B1st New York Provisional Cavalry 
Henry DurettCo. I3rd Michigan Infantry (1st organization) &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. D2nd Michigan Cavalry 
Isaiah EllwoodCo. H15th Illinois InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Samuel EtzwilerCo. I120th Ohio Infantry 
Peter T. FlinnCo. F2nd Missouri Cavalry (Merrill's Horse) 
John M. GarrettCo. H34th Indiana InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Thomas J. GauleyCo. I126th Illinois InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Arthur W. GodfreyCo. E1st U.S. Lancers, Michigan Cavalry &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. A30th Wisconsin Infantry 
John GolayCo. D14th Missouri Cavalry 
Andrew GongwerCo. D25th Michigan InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Richard A. Guffyunassigned102nd Illinois InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Anthony HealeyCos. G & B58th Illinois InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Joseph HinsonCo. G1st Ohio Infantry (3 months) &SUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1900Co. D & F&S33rd Ohio Infantry 
Sidney J. HodgeCo. K10th Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Edgar P. HoughtonCo. I14th Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1914  
Homer HoytCo. D9th Vermont Infantry 
Lyman N. HudsonCo. I3rd Vermont Infantry 
William H. HutchinsonCo. A3rd New Jersey Infantry (3 months) & 

Co. E8th Pennsylvania Cavalry (89th Volunteers) 
Daniel IgoCo. E11th Pennsylvania Infantry,SUVCW Burial Record

Co. B1st Battalion, Pennsylvania Cavalry (6 months) & 

Co. I211th Pennsylvania Infantry, 
Sumner W. JacobsCo. G50th Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Edward JohnsonCos. D & A88th New York Infantry 
Peter JonesCo. A3rd U.S. Colored Heavy ArtillerySUVCW Burial Record
George S. KillgoreCos. H & A3rd Wisconsin CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
William H. KingeryCos. H & B3rd Illinois Cavalry 
Charles KnowltonCo. A1st New Jersey InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Gilbert L. KoughCo. L9th Pennsylvania Cavalry (92nd Volunteers)SUVCW Burial Record
Joseph LangdonCo. B1st Wisconsin Cavalry 
Joseph LaplanteCo. D76th Illinois Infantry 
Charles S. LavanwayCo. F13th Vermont InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Moses W. LeachCo. K1st Vermont Infantry &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. K12th Vermont Infantry 
Charles LeeCo. K32nd Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
John LeesonCo. F6th Minnesota InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Ephraim N. LittleCo. A26th Connecticut InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Robert LymanCo. G59th Illinois InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1898  
John E. LyonsCo. K18th Ohio Infantry 
Cyrus B. MapelCo. K30th Iowa InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Charles M. MarkinCos. C & G5th West Virginia Infantry & 

Co. G1st West Virginia Veteran Infantry 
John W. MarshallCo. H101st Illinois Infantry & 

Co. L6th Kansas Cavalry 
Learner C. MassieCo. D & F&S9th Iowa CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
Augustus E. MaxsonCo. F99th Indiana InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
James M. McClintockCo. A16th Ohio Infantry (3 months), 
Post Commander - 1887Cos. F, E, H, G, K & B51st Ohio Infantry & 

Signal Corps, U.S. Volunteers 
Robert M. McCuistionCos. C & B1st California InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Frederick McFarlandCo. D92nd Illinois Infantry 
James MerwinCo. A32nd Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Charles R. MinerCo. F10th Minnesota InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
John MonettCo. D4th Vermont Infantry 
Ebenezer MooreCo. F1st Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
James MooreCo. K15th Illinois Cavalry &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. K10th Illinois Cavalry 
John R. Moore
10th Independent Wisconsin Light Artillery 
Post Commander - 1889  
Oramel M. MottCos. H & K11th Connecticut InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Lewis M. MurphyCo. I142nd Ohio Infantry (National Guard)SUVCW Burial Record
George T. MyersCo. I84th Illinois Infantry &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. F21st Illinois Infantry 
Levi W. OstranderCo. F29th Wisconsin Infantry 
Gilman ParkerCo. B27th Missouri Mounted Infantry 
William C. PascoeCo. I1st Califormia CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
Ira F. PearsallCo. H24th Michigan Infantry 
George H. PerkinsCo. A49th Wisconsin Infantry 
William PettitCo. A1st Maryland InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Thomas J. PlummerCo. D139th Pennsylvania Infantry 
William E. PolenCo. G2nd Louisiana Cavalry & 

Co. G1st Louisiana Cavalry 
George L. PowersCo. A2nd Wisconsin Infantry &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. G6th Wisconsin Infantry 
David PrattCo. E2nd Wisconsin CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
Albert F. PrinceCo. G25th Maine Infantry (9 months),SUVCW Burial Record

Co. L1st District of Columbia Cavalry & 

Co. B1st Maine Cavalry 
Perry F. RaudebaughCo. H192nd Ohio Infantry 
Alfred S. RiggsCo. H37th Iowa InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
William J. RooneyCo. G20th Pennsylvania Infantry (3 months) & 

Co. I69th Pennsylvania Infantry 
Jeremiah D. RuppertCo. I9th Iowa InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Jacob Schlafer Sr.Co. A51st Wisconsin Infantry 
Edward J. ScottCos. K & G92nd New York InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Robert ScottCo. F35th Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1928 & 29  
Francis M. SeelyCo. H207th Pennsylvania InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1912 & 13  
Elind SellsCos. H & C99th Illinois Infantry & 

Co. H46th Illinois Infantry 
Robert N. B. SimpsonCo. A4th Delaware InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
David M. SnyderCo. I13th West Virginia InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Joseph W. S. SolesCo. G4th Iowa Infantry 
Post Commander - 1893  
William SternitzkyCo. I14th Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Carey W. StewartCo. A25th New York Cavalry 
Post Commander - 1896  
Stephen D. StewartCos. D & K3rd Illinois CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
Joseph StineCo. K48th Wiaconsin Infantry 
Francis M. StinnettCo. H109th Illinois Infantry & 

Co. B11th Illinois Infantry 
Zephaniah T. SwanCo. H26th Michigan Infantry 
Isaac N. TateCo. B66th Indiana InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
James A. Temple
1st Independent Iowa Light ArtillerySUVCW Burial Record
John TuelCo. C21st Iowa Infantry 
Stephen A. TurnerCo. E2nd Wisconsin Infantry & 

Co. L3rd Wisconsin Cavalry 
John UtterCo. G48th Illinois Infantry 
Joseph W. WareCo. C17th Ohio InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
James WellsCo. E3rd Vermont Infantry 
Charles WestCo. D40th Illinois Infantry 
Edward B. WhitworthCo. E10th Maryland Infantry (6 months) &SUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1916, 17 & 18Co. B11th Maryland Infantry (100 days) 
Thomas WhitworthCo. G4th Maryland Infantry (New)SUVCW Burial Record
Alonzo W. WilkesCo. C156th Illinois Infantry 
Post Commander - 1915, 19, 23 & 27  
Ralph L. WilsonCo. F13th Ohio Infantry (3 months) &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. H18th U.S. Infantry 
Thomas WilsonCo. E55th Pennsylvania InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Henry C. WinebergCo. E6th West Virginia InfantrySUVCW Burial Record

Abbreviations used above: "Bty." is short for "Battery".  "Co." is short for "Company".  "F&S" is short for "Field and Staff". 

Note: This is not a complete cumulative roster of the Comrades (members) of this Post.  As additional Comrades are identified, they will be added.

If you find someone on this list who would qualify you for membership in one of our Camps or Auxiliaries, we have the documentation of his honorable service to the Union on file.

Membership inquiries can be directed to and we will help you.