(Photo courtesy Alaska State Library)

W. H. Seward Post No. 36 was based in Juneau, Alaska.  The map at the bottom of the page shows the exact location.

Its namesake is William Henry Seward (1801-1872), who was U.S. Secretary of State during the Civil War and Reconstruction.  He was instrumental in negotiating the Alaska Purchase in 1867.

The application to form this Post was originally received by the Department of California.  It was forwarded to national headquarters, where the decision was made to attach Alaska to the Department of Washington.  The Post was never mustered under its original charter, owing to the fact that by the time the charter arrived, most of the applicants had scattered.  A new application was made in 1889 and a new charter granted.  The post was organized in 1887, and mustered in 19 October 1889 with thirteen charter members.



William C. BoydCo. B3rd Michigan CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
John CalhounCo. K10th Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Benjamin F. CarterCo. A2nd Colorado Territory Infantry & 

Co. A2nd Colorado Territory Cavalry 
Charles DammertCo. C15th Missouri Infantry &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. D22nd Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps 
Frank M. DoolittleCo. C13th Tennessee CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
David FlanneryCo. D3rd New Jersey Infantry (3 months) &SUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1892 & 93Cos. D, E & H4th New Jersey Infantry 
Silas Gibson
McLain's Independent Colorado Territory Light ArtillerySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1896-98 & 1900
Lewis B. GrainerCo. B17th Pennsylvania Infantry (3 months) &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. A72nd Pennsylvania Infantry 
Christian HeineckeCo. F19th Wisconsin Infantry 
John C. HowardCo. B12th Kansas Infantry 
Post Commander - 1889 & 90
William R. HoytCo. I, F&S, Cos. C & A10th Vermont Infantry 
Post Commander - 1891
Thomas J. McCullyCo, K102nd New York Infantry National Guard (100 days)SUVCW Burial Record
John McKinnonCo. D1st Mountaineers California InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Sylvester McMahanCo. H86th Illinois Infantry 
Alois MeierCo. A3rd Ohio CavalrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1895

Sanford MillsCo. K138th Illinois Infantry (100 days) &SUVCW Burial Record

Co. F11th Illinois Cavalry 
Charles W. MorseCo. C13th Michigan InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
Post Commander - 1901 & 02
Frederick SchultzCo. E41st New York InfantrySUVCW Burial Record
George ShannonCo. H1st Nebraska Territory Cavalry 
Michael WhalenCo. E44th Wisconsin InfantrySUVCW Burial Record

Abbreviations used above: "Bty." is short for "Battery".  "Co." is short for "Company".  "F&S" is short for "Field and Staff". 

Post Commanders 

1889John C. Howard
1890John C. Howard
1891William R. Hoyt
1892David Flannery
1893David Flannery
1895Alois Meier
1896Silas Gibson
1897Silas Gibson
1898Silas Gibson
1900Silas Gibson
1901Charles W. Morse
1902Charles W. Morse

1891 Post Officers

CommanderWilliam R. Hoyt
Senior Vice CommanderCharles W. Morse
Junior Vice CommanderLewis B. Grainer
AdjutantDavid Flannery
QuartermasterSilas Gibson
Officer of the DayGeorge Shannon
Officer of the GuardJohn McKinnon
SurgeonFrederick Schultz
ChaplainSylvester McMahan
Sergeant MajorChristian Heinecke
Quartermaster SergeantSanford Mills

Note: This is not a complete cumulative roster of the Comrades (members) and Officers of this Post.  As additional Comrades and Officers are identified, they will be added.

If you find someone on this list who would qualify you for membership in one of our Camps or Auxiliaries, we have the documentation of his honorable service to the Union on file.

Membership inquiries can be directed to join@suvpnw.org and we will help you.