Gen. George H. Thomas

George H. Thomas Post No. 5 was based in Olympia, WA.  The map at the bottom of the page shows the exact location.

The Post namesake is Major General George Henry Thomas (1816-1870).

The Post was organized 13 April 1881 with 14 charter members.  The Post received a new charter on 4 March 1924 with 21 members listed.  This Post was associated with George H. Thomas Corps No. 34, Woman's Relief Corps (WRC) which was installed on 6 March 1891.

From the Washington Standard (Olympia), 15 April 1881:

A number of ex-Union soldiers and sailors met Wednesday evening, at the office of Capt. McMicken and organized a Post of the Grand Army of the Republic, to be known as the George H. Thomas Post No. 5, Department of Washington Territory.

T. I. McKenny was elected Post Commander; N. H. Owings, Senior Vice Post Commander; John Dascomb, Junior Vice Post Commander; E. A. Stevens, Post Quartermaster; D. M. Brown, Post Surgeon; George D. Forbes, Post Chaplain; A. B. Cowles, Officer of the Day; P. Hiltz, Officer of the Guard. The following staff appointments were made; P. P. Carroll, Post Adjutant; L. Hirsch, Sergeant Major; W. J. Plummer, Quartermaster Sergeant. The Post was mustered in by J. R. Hayden, Aide-de-Camp.

To learn more about the Post Commanders and Officers during more of the Post's history, see our Post leadership detail page here.

Charter Members 

NameJoined PostUnit(s)
Dana M. Brown13 Apr 1881Co. G15th Maine Infantry
Patrick P. Carroll13 Apr 1881
U.S. Marine Corps,

Co. F48th Pennsylvania Infantry &

Co. B24th U.S. Colored Infantry
Augustus B. Cowles13 Apr 1881F&S2nd Minnesota Infantry
Post Commander - 1889

John Dascomb13 Apr 1881Cos. B & F1st Ohio Heavy Artillery
George D. Forbes13 Apr 1881Co. K11th Illinois Infantry (3 months) &

Co. H20th Illinois Infantry
James R. Hayden13 Apr 1881Co. A19th Illinois Infantry
Post Commander - 1883

Phillip Hiltz13 Apr 1881Co. C16th Illinois Cavalry
Leopold Hirsch13 Apr 1881Co. C82nd Illinois Infantry
Thomas Irving McKenny13 Apr 1881Co. A2nd Iowa Infantry &
Post Commander - 1881

U.S. Volunteers
William McMicken13 Apr 1881Co. B10th Minnesota Infantry
Post Commander - 1884

Nicholas Henry Owings13 Apr 1881
Commissary of Subsistence, U.S. Volunteers
Post Commander - 1882

William J. Plummer13 Apr 1881F&S7th Maine Infantry
John Wilson Sprague13 Apr 1881Co. E7th Ohio Infantry (3 months),
Medal of Honor Recipient
Co. E7th Ohio Infantry,
Department Commander - 1888-89
F&S63rd Ohio Infantry &

U.S. Volunteers
Edwin A. Stevens13 Apr 1881Co. H3rd U.S. Cavalry &

Signal Corps, U.S. Volunteers


Last Names A - C

NameJoined PostUnit(s)
William J. Abernethy17 Aug 1894Co. D21st Iowa Infantry
John Ackley3 Nov 1900Co. B22nd Iowa Infantry
Archibald H. Adams5 Dec 1890Co. A & F&S24th Wisconsin Infantry &
Post Commander - 1892 & 94
Co. K35th Wisconsin Infantry
John Aldridge16 Jun 1890Co. H9th Kansas Cavalry
John I. Amsbaugh4 Jan 1913Cos. B & C184th Ohio Infantry
Michael Anderson17 Dec 1910Co. A7th Minnesota Infantry
Nicholas Anderson9 Jun 1890Co. F2nd California Infantry
William E. Anderson14 Nov 1883
U.S. Navy

USS Penguin
William H. Anderson13 Aug 1890Co. B116th New York Infantry
James Avery5 Feb 1910Co. F37th Illinois Infantry
Edward A. Baldwin7 Dec 1904Co. C25th Iowa Infantry
Devillo P. Ballard15 Aug 1883Co. A23rd Iowa Infantry
Clarence M. Barton15 Apr 1892
U.S. Marine Corps

USS Colorado
Jacob Bauer20 May 1892Co. C13th Wisconsin Infantry
Franklin B. Beach22 Mar 1903Co. E10th Michigan Cavalry
William Bedford16 Jun 1890Co. K141st Pennsylvania Infantry
Anton Best9 Jun 1890Co. K26th Wisconsin Infantry &

Co. K3rd Wisconsin Infantry
Richard C. Bird18 Mar 1899Co. A73rd Illinois Infantry
Simeon Bissonett
6 Jan 1882
Co. G
25th Illinois Infantry
Joseph S. Blair17 Dec 1910Co. A142nd Pennsylvania Infantry
James W. Bomer21 Oct 1881Co. A4th California Infantry
Post Commander - 1886

Ozro A. Bowen7 Aug 1891Co. B11th Michigan Infantry (1st organization)
Lewis L. Bowers2 Dec 1916Co. D30th Indiana Infantry
Lorin W. Britto2 Nov 1885Co. H17th Connecticut Infantry
Benjamin R. Brower17 Aug 1894Co. E43rd Missouri Infantry
Post Commander - 1910

Freeman W. Brown7 Aug 1891Co. C1st Oregon Infantry
Robert Bruce3 Aug 1885Co. A1st Oregon Cavalry &

Co. D1st Oregon Infantry
Alexander B. Bruner19 May 1885Co. H1st Louisville Provost Guard, Kentucky Volunteers &

Co. H34th Kentucky Infantry
Joseph W. Buker1 Apr 1899Co. A7th Michigan Infantry
Post Commander - 1903

Winfield S. Bunce19 Mar 1910Bty I1st Michigan Light Artillery
George H. Burntrager9 Jun 1890Co. C51st Illinois Infantry
Michael Callahan (alias Michael C. Hershey)5 Dec 1890Co. C98th New York Infantry National Guard (100 days)
Nathan B. Canning20 Apr 1894Co. E11th Kansas Cavalry
John R. Cannon7 Sep 1894Co. K25th Wisconsin Infantry
Post Commander - 1914

James M. Carter1 Jan 1894Co. A26th Indiana Infantry
Thomas H. Cavanaugh, Jr.Oct 1883F&S6th Illinois Cavalry
Department Commander - 1903-04

Charles L. Chamberlin4 Jan 1913
8th Independent Wisconsin Light Artillery
Post Commander - 1915

Jacob Cheele4 May 1904Co. C39th Missouri Infantry
Charles Clapper9 Jun 1890Co. E22nd Michigan Infantry
Grove Clifford15 Jun 1894Co. L1st Ohio Heavy Artillery
James D. Close1 Jul 1892Co. D10th Michigan Infantry
Henry S. Clyde17 Sep 1893Co. H13th U.S. Infantry
Pinkney M. Cole1900Co. D32nd Illinois Infantry &
Post Commander - 1904
Co. H4th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps
Joseph C. Conine17 Jun 1905Co. I4th Iowa Infantry &

Co. C9th Iowa Cavalry
William H. Cook2 Jun 1909Co. K38th Wisconsin Infantry
Edward D. Cotter4 Mar 1894Co. A13th New York Heavy Artillery
Henry S. Coulson15 Jun 1894Co. D1st Illinois Cavalry &

Co. K77th Illinois Infantry
David Covert5 Oct 1894Co. H119th Illinois Infantry
Robert B. Crandall9 Jun 1890Co. F23rd Wisconsin Infantry
John W. Crawford9 Jun 1890Co. H5th Kansas Cavalry
Hugh Cruikshank, Jr.2 Jan 1901Co. H16th New York Infantry

Last Names D - I

NameJoined PostUnit(s)
Josiah W. Daily13 Sep 1890Co. F10th Wisconsin Infantry &

Co. K11th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps
Francis K. Daniels4 Nov 1899Co. H25th Wisconsin Infantry
Levi De Gray19 Dec 1890Co. D98th New York Infantry
Bolton W. O’G. DeCourcy (alias Bolton W. O'Grady)11 Jan 1900Co. D50th New York Engineers
Jacob Deibert15 Jan 1892Co. K174th Ohio Infantry
Frederick G. Deming6 Mar 1891Co. H20th Wisconsin Infantry &

Co. E35ih Wisconsin Infantry
Charles J. Deshazo16 Mar 1894Co. H5th Provisional Enrolled Missouri Militia
John S. Dobbins9 Jun 1890Co. K142nd Illinois Infantry (100 days)
Post Commander - 1897

Alfred Dolton (alias Albert Dolton)4 Mar 1894Co. I111th New York Infantry
James Dooley6 May 1908Bty D1st Illinois Light Artillery
Charles Duby (alias Louis Deshemean)5 Jan 1908Co. H11th Missouri Infantry
Elias Dwyer16 Jun 1884Bty A1st Ohio Light Artillery &
Post Commander - 1907 & 19
Co. G15th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps
Dennis Eddy16 Jun 1890Co. F64th Illinois Infantry (Yates' Sharpshooters)
John Eigler9 Jun 1890Co. I67th Pennsylvania Infantry
Joseph Elswick18 Dec 1891Co. G115th Indiana Infantry (6 months) &

Co. D1st Indiana Heavy Artillery
Thomas Finney21 Apr 1893Co. E7th Michigan Cavalry
Andrew P. Fitch9 Jun 1890Co. K11th Iowa Infantry
Dennis Fletcher
Co. H
75th Illinois Infantry
Julius Forester15 Jun 1894Co. I2nd Colorado Territory Cavalry
John E. Foster16 Mar 1894Co. D86th Indiana Infantry
Lyman P. Fowles1 Mar 1905Co. I4th Maine Infantry,

Co. I19th Maine Infantry &

Co. D14th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps
George W. Freeburger4 May 1885Co. F16th Illinois Infantry &

U.S. Navy

USS Benton
John Fry17 Mar 1884Cos. G & E55th Pennsylvania Infantry
James M. Garritt27 Sep 1887Co. B6th Iowa Cavalry
Charles P. Giles18 Feb 1884Co. E140th Illinois Infantry (100 days) &

Co. D15th Illinois Infantry
Ezekiel Giles18 Feb 1884Co. A75th Illinois Infantry,

Co. E140th Illinois Infantry (100 days) &

Co. D15th Illinois Infantry
Milton Giles6 Jan 1882Co. A13th Illinois Infantry
Reuben W. Gilliland18 May 1894Co. K29th Iowa Infantry
Charles Gillpatrick7 Oct 1911Co. I11th Maine Infantry
Henry H. Gilmore2 Mar 1885Co. G2nd Maine Infantry
Edward Graybill3 Nov 1900Co. K99th Ohio Infantry &

Co. E50th Ohio Infantry
Isaac P. Griffith7 Dec 1904Cos. H & C3rd Iowa Infantry &

Co. I2nd Iowa Infantry
Edward Grow9 Jun 1890Co. A30th Illinois Infantry
Frederick Haeger21 Jul 1893Co. B5th Michigan Infantry
Clark W. Haight15 Jan 1892Co. F8th Michigan Infantry
Volney A. Hanks15 Jan 1910Co. H30th Wisconsin Infantry
James Harkness15 Apr 1898Co. F8th Illinois Cavalry
Joseph A. Harpel16 Mar 1894Co. I68th Ohio Infantry
Edward Harrison15 Jun 1894Co. G13th Indiana Infantry
George B. Hartman27 Jan 1887Co. F14th Ohio Infantry (3 months) &

Co. D14th Ohio Infantry
Richard M. Hayes4 Mar 1908Cos. M & B7th Indiana Cavalry
Henry R. Hill4 Jul 1892Co. M1st Minnesota Cavalry (Mounted Rangers) &
Post Commander - 1900
Co. B137th Illinois Infantry (100 days)
James A. Hoage16 Nov 1901
U.S. Navy

USS Great Western,

USS Naumkeag &

USS Peosta
Lucien P. Holbrook
Co. A
37th Indiana Infantry
Charles Honick9 Jun 1890Co. C10th Kansas Infantry
Ebenezer Hopkins3 Aug 1904Co. E33rd Missouri Infantry &

Co. D11th Missouri Infantry
Samuel Howard15 Apr 1899Co. K2nd Massachusetts Cavalry &

11th Independent Massachusetts Light Artillery
Charles C. Huggett21 Dec 1894Co. A6th Michigan Heavy Artillery
George E. Huggins15 Dec 1893unassigned1st Vermont Cavalry
John Huntamer
Co. A
1st Wisconsin Cavalry
James M. HutchingsDec 1902Co. H11th Missouri Infantry
James E. Hutchinson5 Aug 1890
4th Independent Iowa Light Artillery
Henry S. Huwald16 Jan 1907Co. D17th New York Infantry
Owen Hymer (alias Owen Bhymer)6 Jun 1906Co. E64th Illinois Infantry (Yates' Sharpshooters)
Pierre Hyppolite17 Aug 1894Co. F7th Connecticut Infantry &

U.S. Navy

USS Minnesota,

USS Florida,

USS Quaker City,

USS Cambridge,

USS Britannia &

USS Princeton
Oliver B. Iverson (alias Ole Iverson)2 Mar 1902Co. D6th Iowa Cavalry
Post Commander - 1905

Last Names J - O

NameJoined PostUnit(s)
William J. Jeffrey4 Dec 1909Co. A24th Ohio Infantry &

Co. F18th Ohio Infantry (New)
Wellington Jenkins9 Jun 1890Co. I92nd Illinois Infantry &

Co. G65th Illinois Infantry (Scotch Regiment)
Marion W. Jennings18 Nov 1908Co. C25th Michigan Infantry
Seth M. Jennings6 Jul 1904Co. K61st Illinois Infantry
George S. Johnson1901Co. F57th New York Infantry &

Co. E33rd New Jersey Infantry
James W. Jones
Co. E
42nd Missouri Infantry
Mahlon E. Jones9 Jun 1890Co. D9th Indiana Infantry
Pierpont E. Jones9 Jun 1890Co. G39th Wisconsin Infantry (100 days)
Prentiss M. Jones4 May 1885Co. B8th Minnesota Infantry
Abram Kilmer7 Feb 1906Co. C37th Wisconsin Infantry
Chauncey D. Kimmel6 Dec 1913Co. G30th Illinois Infantry
William Judson Kitchen21 Dec 1894Co. I21st Michigan Infantry &

Co. B14th Michigan Infantry
Edwin R. Knight2 Aug 1902Co. A3rd Colorado Territory Infantry &

Co. H2nd ColoradoTerritory Cavalry
John Labor2 Sep 1892unassigned6th Pennsylvania Cavalry (70th Volunteers) &

Cos. G & A2nd Pennsylvania Provisional Cavalry
Thomas J. Lamont18 Dec 1891Co. G45th Illinois Infantry
John A. Landis21 Dec 1912Co. I & F&S1st Iowa Cavalry &

Co. D18th Iowa Infantry
George B. Lane2 Dec 1892Co. E15th New Hampshire Infantry
Post Commander - 1896

Marvin Lathrop17 Jun 1909Cos. F & B3rd Vermont Infantry
David G. Le Sourd6 Jan 1882
Co. D
12th Indiana Infantry
Jotham S. Leighton21 Feb 1887Co. D22nd Maine Infantry &

unassigned12th Maine Infantry
James H. Levee28 May 1883F&S3rd Wisconsin Infantry
John Lilly1 Jul 1892Co. A13th Iowa Infantry
David F. Lincoln2 Mar 1894Co. F69th Ohio Infantry
Post Commander - 1910 & 12

Byron T. Loomis15 Jan 1892Co. BMcLaughlin's Squadron, Ohio Cavalry
Josiah Lott1 Jul 1892Co. D44th Illinois Infantry &

Cos. F & E1st U.S. Volunteers, Mississippi Marine Brigade Infantry
Henry Loucks, Jr.4 Jun 1910Co. G15th Michigan Infantry
Cervoni Lounsbery2 Dec 1911Co. B98th New York Infantry
Ira L. Lovell19 May 1885Co. F4th Minnesota Infantry
William H. Lovell5 Feb 1910Co. F4th Minnesota Infantry &

Co. F23rd Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps
John Loy18 Mar 1902Co. D152nd Indiana Infantry
Nathaniel B. Lucas16 Nov 1894Co. G6th Kansas Cavalry &

Co. A18th U.S. Colored Infantry
John Lynch5 Dec 1890Co. M16th New York Cavalry &

Co. G3rd New York Provisional Cavalry
William Mackey8 Sep 1898Co. A1st Illinois Cavalry
William H. Manning
1922Co. L
6th Missouri Cavalry
Robert J. Martin4 May 1904Co. K84th Illinois Infantry &

Co. B1st U.S. Veteran Volunteer Engineers
Andrew J. Martz20 May 1916Co. G44th Missouri Infantry
Richard H. Massey2 Feb 1887F&S40th Illinois Infantry
William Masters6 Oct 1912Co. C12th Missouri State Militia Cavalry &

Co. C5th Missouri State Militia Cavalry (2nd Organization)
John H. Mathews9 Jun 1890Co. G5th California Infantry &

Co. G1st California Infantry
Oliver Matson (alias James Malon)1 Jul 1916
U.S. Navy

USS Ohio,

USS Colorado &

USS North Carolina
Archibald Matthews18 Dec 1909Co. M7th Iowa Cavalry
George McClosky1895Co. B78th New York Infantry &

Co. B102nd New York Infantry
Henry H. McCray17 May 1905Co. H10th Indiana Infantry (3 months)
William J. McDowell
4 Dec 1909Co. A
7th Vermont Infantry
Albert M. McKay15 Jan 1908Co. D6th Iowa Cavalry
Robert A. McNair9 Jun 1890Co. D11th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry (40th Volunteers) &
Post Commander - 1916, 17, 20, 21, 29, & 30
Co. 1092nd Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps
Augustine McNeal4 May 1894Co. A169th Ohio Infantry (National Guard)
Ewing McReynolds9 Jun 1890Co. B5th Iowa Infantry &
Post Commander - 1908 & 13
Co. I5th Iowa Cavalry
William Miles6 May 1908
3rd Independent Iowa Light Artillery
George W. MillsOct 1894Co. G11th Missouri State Militia Cavalry
Robert H. Milroy4 May 1887F&S9th Indiana Infantry (3 months),

F&S9th Indiana Infantry &

U.S. Volunteers
Wilson E. Mitchell6 Oct 1886Co. D13th Indiana Infantry &

Co. C145th Indiana Infantry
John H. Morf17 Aug 1894Millard’s Co.Sioux City Iowa Cavalry &

Co. I7th Iowa Cavalry
James E. Morgan6 May 1892Co. B5th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry (34th Volunteers) &

Co. C191st Pennsylvania Infantry
David B. Morrell21 Jan 1887Co. A117th New York Infantry &

Co. K48th New York Infantry
Manley E. Mumford18 Dec 1891Co. D31st Wisconsin Infantry
James A. Murch6 Apr 1904Co. H & F&S16th Kentucky Infantry,

Co. 1742nd Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps &

Unassigned Veteran Reserve Corps
Delano Myers5 Feb 1892Co. G33rd Iowa Infantry &

Co. F34th Iowa Infantry
Joseph M. Newsum9 Jun 1890Co. I66th Illinois Infantry
Post Commander - 1906

Rossell G. O'Brien17 Mar 1884Co. D134th Illinois Infantry (100 days)
Post Commander - 1887, 88 & 90

Stephen S. Osborn
7 Jul 1928
Co. K
45th Illinois Infantry
John W. Ostrander20 May 1908Cos. F & H5th Iowa Cavalry
Levi W. Ostrander17 Sep 1883Co. F29th Wisconsin Infantry
Rufus C. Owen16 Jun 1890Co. C46th Wisconsin Infantry

Last Names P - Z

NameJoined PostUnit(s)
Henry J. Parrott
21 Dec 1894Co. E
36th Iowa Infantry
John M. Patton8 Feb 1898Co. AMarion Battalion, Missouri Home Guard
James Pearce12 Feb 1911Co. H28th Illinois Infantry
William H. Pinches1 Jul 1892Co. E8th Illinois Cavalry
Elias Randall16 Mar 1901Co. H160th New York Infantry
Josiah Rankin
1919Co. G
23rd Michigan Infantry
Myron H. Ranney6 Jan 1900Co. G13th New York Infantry &
Medal of Honor Recipient
Cos. K & E21st New York Cavalry
Louis Reichel21 Apr 1900Co. H15th Missouri Infantry
Wilder Rice19 Feb 1892Co. K38th Iowa Infantry &

Co. A11th Indiana Infantry
Frederick Riesenweber3 Dec 1890Co. E34th Wisconsin Infantry (Militia)
Thomas B. Riley20 Feb 1890Co. D3rd Potomac Home Brigade, Maryland Infantry
Warren Riley21 May 1884Co. L1st Ohio Cavalry
Joseph W. Roberts9 Jun 1890Co. E2nd Wisconsin Infantry &

Co. F18th Wisconsin Infantry
Thomas B. Roberts (alias Thomas Jones)21 Jul 1884Cos. K & H1st Washington Territory Infantry
William H. Roberts
6 Jan 1882Co. K2nd California Infantry
Post Commander - 1891

James C. Robinson16 Dec 1899Co. H2nd Missouri Cavalry (Merrill's Horse)
Adelbert Rogers17 Mar 1884Co. C22nd Wisconsin Infantry
Post Commander - 1885

Charles F. Rognon1895Co. I38th Indiana Infantry &

Co. 1542nd Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps
William Rowley15 Sep 1890Co. E37th Iowa Infantry
Henry Sabin6 Aug 1884Cos. A, H & E
Thomas F. Safley5 Dec 1890Co. A3rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry &
Post Commander - 1911 & 22
Co. L8th Tennessee Cavalry
Lewis Sanger17 Jun 1911Co. K47th Illinois Infantry
William L. SappMay 1894Co. B & F&S6th West Virginia Cavalry
Samuel J. Sargent15 Apr 1892Co. I8th Wisconsin Infantry
James Saunders19 Dec 1890Co. F15th Maine Infantry
George Savidge31 Dec 1887Cos. G & C11th New Jersey Infantry
Post Commander - 1899

Edward Schwartze4 Dec 1909Co. B27th Wisconsin Infantry
John Seeley7 Nov 1925Co. H & F&S12th Illinois Infantry
Henry N. Shaw9 Jun 1890Co. H60th Illinois Infantry
Robert J. Shaw4 Jun 1886Co. K17th Illinois Infantry &

Co. E8th Illinois Infantry
Mathew Shields3 Jun 1898Co. A69th New York State Militia
Ross P. Shoecraft20 Jul 1901Co. A13th New York Infantry
Philander Skillman5 Mar 1891Co. G3rd Minnesota Infantry &
Post Commander - 1902
Co. A113th U.S. Colored Infantry (New Organization)
James A. Smith5 Mar 1891Co. D5th Wisconsin Infantry
James M. Smith7 Aug 1891Co. A, F&S, Cos. C, B & I
10th New York Infantry &

Co. E25th New York Cavalry
Stephen D. Smith9 Jun 1890Co. E2nd Michigan Infantry
Post Commander - 1901

William H. Smith3 Oct 1908Co. K5th Minnesota Infantry
William Snow7 Feb 1906Co. A14th Illinois Infantry &

Cos. C & F & F&S3rd Illinois Cavalry
Hazard Stevens7 Jun 1916F&S79th New York Infantry &
Medal of Honor Recipient

U.S. Volunteers
Almeran A. Stillman20 May 1892Co. H37th Illinois Infantry
James N. Stillwell8 Feb 1898Co. H139th Illinois Infantry (100 days)
John A. Stillwell4 May 1894Cos. B, H, L & D5th Iowa Cavalry
George H. Sturdevant1894Cos. K & D10th Illinois Cavalry
David Sypher4 May 1894
U.S. Navy

USS Clara Dolsen,

USS Champion &

USS Great Western
Levi A. Talbot4 May 1912Co. B42nd Massachusetts Militia Infantry (100 days)
Franklin Taylor15 Jul 1892Co. D43rd Ohio Infantry
Edward Teets
Co. K
31st Illinois Infantry
Gerrit T. Thorn17 Mar 1884F&S29th Wisconsin Infantry
Justus W. Tompkins
1925Co. D
2nd Iowa Cavalry
Post Commander - 1929 & 31

William H. Townsend4 Jan 1886
Lambert's Independent Pennsylvania Cavalry (100 days)
Aaron Trullinger4 Apr 1903Co. D10th Indiana Infantry (3 months) &

Co. K48th Indiana Infantry
Cornelius C. Tunnicliff4 May 1912Co. F66th Illinois Infantry
Charles Turner16 Nov 1916Co. E3rd Vermont Infantry
Flavel H. Van Eaton1 Aug 1890F&S8th Missouri Cavalry
Post Commander - 1893 & 95

James K. Vincent1 Apr 1902Co. C1st U.S. Veteran Volunteer Infantry
John Walsh1 Apr 1898Co. AEngineer Regiment of the West, Missouri Volunteers &

Co. E1st Missouri Engineers
Gilbert M. Ward7 Jul 1884Co. K9th Vermont Infantry
Daniel Watson15 Jan 1910Co. E2nd Tennessee Infantry &

Co. E8th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps
Thomas Watson18 Mar 1894Co. D93rd Illinois Infantry
John W. Waughop
1 Aug 1883
Co. G17th Illinois Infantry
John Wenger21 Jul 1881
20th Ohio Independent Light Artillery
Leander A. White2 May 1903Co. B3rd North Carolina Mounted Infantry
Nathan W. White2 Mar 1894Co. C28th Maine Infantry (9 months) &

Co. A4th California Infantry
Abiathar Whitemarsh2 May 1903Co. C46th Wisconsin Infantry
Henry J. Whitney7 Nov 1925Co. F211th Pennsylvania Infantry
William H. Wickham15 Jan 1892Cos. E & D9th Michigan Cavalry
Charles S. Wilcox15 Jul 1892Co. F & F&S17th Illinois Infantry &

Cos. L & G12th Illinois Cavalry
Hamilton L. Wiley21 Jun 1895Co. I13th Iowa Infantry
Alonzo L. Willard15 Apr 1899Co. F3rd Iowa Infantry
George H. Williams17 May 1905
14th Maine Infantry
Francis T. Wilson4 May 1912Co. G46th Illinois Infantry
Samuel R. Witten9 Jun 1890Co. C3rd Ohio Infantry (3 months),

Co. D4th West Virginia Infantry &

Co. B2nd West Virginia Veteran Infantry
William W. Work3 May 1886Co. E37th Illinois Infanty
Post Commander - 1909, 18, & 23-28

John Wyllie9 Jun 1890Co. F80th Illinois Infantry
Christopher C. Yocum
17 Feb 1908
Hiram F. Young9 Jun 1890Co. B3rd Michigan Cavalry
Post Commander - 1898

Robert Zee9 Jun 1890Co. ALoudoun County Virginia Rangers

Abbreviations used above: "Bty." is short for "Battery".  "Co." is short for "Company".  "F&S" is short for "Field and Staff". 

Note: We believe this is a complete cumulative roster of the Comrades (members) of this Post.  As additional Comrades are identified, they will be added.

If you find someone on this list who would qualify you for membership in one of our Camps or Auxiliaries, we have the documentation of his honorable service to the Union on file.

Membership inquiries can be directed to and we will help you.